Se’i is Indonesian smoked meat from Timor Island, East Nusa Tenggara. The name “se’i” derived from local language that mean “thinly sliced meat”.

This dish is traditionally served and consumed by the people of East Nusa Tenggara province, especially by  Timorese people. In the dry climate of Timor island, the traditional smoking method is employed to preserve meats and to increase the nutritional and economic value of the meats.

Se’i has been historically made from Timorese deer (Cervus timorensis), but this practice has ceased due to decline in population and it’s consecutive endangered status. 

Today, it is common to see se’i meats derived form beef and chicken as majority Indonesian are moslem.

Se’i uses thin, sliced cuts of meat utilizing a mixture of salt and spices and smoked. Texturally, it is comparable to bacon, albeit thicker. In Kupang, people serve se’i with nasi panas (hot steamed rice), accompanied with sambal lu’at and jagung bose.


Se'i Sapi


Se'i Lidah


Se'i Ayam

Because good things,

take time.

When it comes to quality, we commit to serve you the best quality ingredients to ensure each dish is delicious as can be.

It begins with meat selection. Every slice of Seilera Signature Se’i Sapi is 100% imported USDA-Graded Beef. The USDA grades are used as standard to measure level of quality US beef. This grades affect tenderness, juiciness, and flavor of the meat.

A traditional smoking process is when the magic happens and when our well-trained pit smoker smokes every meat with care and patient. Smoking meat is a delicate science that requires more skill than grilling steaks or burgers.

It can take all day, or even all night to get done just right, until it reaches that smoky, juicy and delicate Seilera Signature Se’i.

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